U.S. Coast guard Auxiliary 

Division 12 Flotilla

The Officers and members of these Flotillas are dedicated to the safety of  the boating public

Flotilla 12-01  South Bethany DE

Flotilla Commander -- Stephen P. Straneva

Vice Commander -- Ralph Carolenuto

Flotilla 12-02  Lewes DE

Flotilla Commander  -- Thomas B. Mann

Vice Commander  -- Joseph C. Kulesa

Flotilla 12-03  Milford DE

Flotilla Commander -- Thomas V. Roberson

Vice Commander -- Warren R. Huff

Flotilla 12-05 Dover DE

Flotilla Commander -- Carolyn J. Dunch

Vice Commander -- Robert B. Brennan

Flotilla 12-09 Indian River DE

Flotilla Commander -- Roy L. Zimmerman

Vice Commander -- Lewis E. McCullough

Updated 28 July 2019

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